Export PowerPoint presentation to video (quick tutorial)

Export PowerPoint presentation to video (quick tutorial)

There are times when we need to convert PowerPoint presentation to video. I have been using Microsoft PowerPoint for a long time including end user support, but never felt the need nor anybody asked to convert the presentation to a video. Recently, I actually needed this and explored for a solution. You might get a lot of online and offline tools to do this but I realized that MS PowerPoint itself has this feature and quite easy to export the presentation to a video.

In this article, I will briefly explain how I did this step by step.

Things to consider

So, before you start exporting your presentation, consider the following. The actions below are not mandatory but will help improve the output video.

Add suitable animation to the objects in the presentation

This is important to make the final video attractive to the viewers.

I would suggest you to add the animations with either timing setting (even after previous or with previous would work). If start event of animation is on click, PowerPoint will add automatic time difference between each animation which may not look good.

Add slide transition

Apply slide transition and remember to set the significant time between slide auto advance so that the viewer have time to read the last animation.

With this 2 things set, we can proceed to export the presentation.

Export the presentation to video

Go to Files menu and select Export

In the Export menu, select Create a Video.

In the Create a Video menu options, you will have options to select the output video quality, select the video quality based on your need.

You will also get the option to use the recorded timings and narrations. And also default timing between slide transition (this will not take effect if you have slide auto advance timing setting explained above).

Finally, click on Create Video.

Next, PowerPoint will prompt for the location to save the output video.

Select the appropriate location in your file system and click Save.

That’s all, go to the location and play the video in any video player ๐Ÿ™‚

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