Automatically Submit URLs to Bing

Automatically Submit URLs to Bing

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of success for any content creator. Do you own a website and your efforts for good contents are not paying off? Have you submitted your content to the major search engines like Google and Bing? You can simply submit your content URLs to the search engines manually but have you tried to automatically submit the URLs to Bing Search Engine? In this post, we focus on how you can submit your URLs to Bing in few simple clicks.

This article is limited to sites built with WordPress and discuss on the use of  Bing URL Submission Plugin.

So, if you are running a website with WordPress, install the Bing URL Submission Plugin now.

After activating the plugin, just go to the plugin home by clicking on the Bing Webmaster on the left menu of WordPress dashboard. For the first time you would need to add the API Key to get started.

Automatically Submit Your URLs to Bing Search Engine

How To Get the API Key?

We assume that you have added your site to Bing Webmaster. If you haven’t done so, just sign-in on the Bing Webmasters, add and verify your site.

After verifying your site in Bing Webmasters, follow these steps to get the API key.

  1. Find and click on the settings on top right corner of the page. (see screenshot below)
  2. Click on API access in the next screen
  3. Click on API Key
  4. Click on Generate API Key button

The above few clicks will generate 32 digit API key for your account. The API key generated can be used for all verified sites on Bing Webmaster Tools.

Next, copy the generated API Key.

Enter the 32 digit API Key in the Bing URL Submission plugin settings and click on Start using plugin.

That’s all. Now your URLs will be automatically submitted to Bing. Please note that, maximum 10 URLs can be submitted daily.

What you can do with this plugin

  1. Automate URL submissions
  2. Manual URL submissions
  3. View stats of submitted URLs
  4. View recent submissions
  5. Re-submit recent submissions

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