Free SEO Crash Course

Free SEO Crash Course

Are you looking for free SEO courses to start learning search engine optimization? Here is one for you from the SEO expert Brian Dean. This awesome free SEO crash course is offered at SMERUSH Academy and you can enroll for free.

The course contains 5 lessons including exclusive videos. With this course you can learn how to get more traffic from search engines in about 1 hour.

The course offers the basics and the key fundamental steps in the journey of search engine optimization. This course is for everyone who is new in SEO and wish to learn some actionable tips in search engine optimization. The course offers worksheets, practical tips along with the video lessons and a quiz to test your knowledge you get from the course.

There aren’t any special requirements for this course and doesn’t even require time consuming registration. You can simply login with your gmail account and start learning. The course page is here, enroll for free now.

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