One another trip to Pokhara

A view of Fewa Lake in the morning

Two of my friends are in biratnagar. As I mentioned in my previous post A canceled trip, I couldn’t join them. We have a plan to go to Pokhara, one of the tourist attraction, really beautiful city of Nepal. It would be my third time there. The last time I was there about 1 and half years back which was not pretty awesome but enjoyed that lonely trip.  I landed off the plane at Pokhara airport, the light rain started and got heavier slowly. Though I was alone, I enjoyed it, the rain, the excitement and everything.

My first trip to pokhara was different. I was with 3 other friends. And we met one foreigner and became team of 5.

As I am going there again, the scenery, the beautiful houses and everything is coming in front of my eyes.

I remembered the Mahendra Cave, the dark even low light inside fades away. Getting thorough the small spaces while getting out of the cave. Then remembered the Bats Cave. Then remembered the Fewa lake, boating on it, the temple in the middle of the lake as an island, boating around the island, boating across the lake. Then remembered the World Peace Stupa on the top of the hill, in the middle of the jungle, walking through the jungle with fresh air and a stick on our hand. As its name, its so peaceful there.

I was waiting for the dusk to embrace the day. I wonder if I can have a good sleep tonight.