Pokhara – A best place to be

6:30 am, 29th March, 2012 Thursday, I grabbed my music player, put on the earphones and moved. “All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…” – the song that was on my ears. I was not leaving on a jet plane actually, it was a bus. I and my friends were to travel about 200 km, almost 6 and half hours.

I like to count on the milestones on the side of the road. I enjoy the objects gradually coming near, pass back and fade away. I like the signal that the drivers use on the highway. The buses say hello to each other by blowing their horn.  The different faces from different country in the bus, makes me feel strange all the time.

New place, unknown faces, excitement, no stress on mind, a lot of curiosity, adventure…. (Fill in the blanks) these are the terms that makes every travel a great one – in my opinion. We all were filled with all those things.

Finally, at about 2:30 pm we were at our destination – the beautiful place of Nepal called Pokhara. A question for all the bloggers out there – Have you ever been to Nepal? If not and planning, Nepal may be the great choice and don’t forget to be at Pokhara if you ever come to Nepal. In upcoming texts I will be sharing with you the place I really like to be and enjoy every time with some snapshots where ever possible.

The Bindebasini Temple:

A famous hindu pilgrimage. First we went there, prayed and started our day.

View of mount Machhapuchhre from Bindebasani Temple

The lakeside:

This area is always full of foreigners. Walking along the lakeside – along with beautifully decorated shops makes me forget everything.

The lake:

One of the attractions of the city is the Fewa Lake. Boating on Fewa Lake is always a different adventure for me.  A temple in the island on the lake has added its beauty.

The world peace stupa:

The world peace stupa is on the other side of the lake, on the top of the hill. Though we can go there by taxi from other side of the hill, I always prefer boating across the lake and hike to the stupa, its almost 45 minutes walk. It feels inner peace when I am there. We can have a wonderful view of fewa lake and the whole Pokhara city including the magnificent Mount Machhapuchhre. This time we couldn’t be there – so sad.

Devi’s Falls (Patale Chango):

When one first sees the falls, couldn’t realize where it goes. I felt the same at first. A great view out there.

The cave:

This time I had a chance to check out the cave called Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave and have a view of the davi’s falls from inside the cave.

It was a short visit. We also enjoy the journey back to home. If I had a chance to go there again I won’t miss it.