Moon Knight may kick off a mini MCU-style series, star says

Moon Knight may kick off a mini MCU-style series, star says
Moon Knight may kick off a mini MCU-style series, star says

Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke has teased the possibility that the Marvel show could spawn a miniseries of spin-off projects.

Speaking to IGN, Hawke – who plays the antagonistic Arthur Harrow in the upcoming Disney Plus show – hinted that Moon Knight may follow Iron Man’s lead in setting up future Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) productions.

Starring Oscar Isaac as the titular superhero, Moon Knight is being positioned as a six-episode series that has no ties to previous Marvel projects. However, Hawke suggested that Moon Knight could be the catalyst for other superhero movies and TV shows – like Iron Man was – if it resonates with audiences.

Asked if Moon Knight is a truly standalone story or not, Hawke responded: “The good news is that it’s possibly both. It lives and breathes on its own merits, it functions as a limited series – and if people are engaged and excited by it then it could be the origin story of a larger thing.”

Right now, we don’t know if Moon Knight will actually tie into Marvel productions that precede it. This is the first time, though, that anyone associated with the TV series has suggested that we may be in line for more Moon Knight-esque offerings in the future.

What we do know is that Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus on Wednesday, March 30. Subsequent episodes will release weekly after that point, too.

Analysis: what Moon Knight spin-offs could be in development?

Moon Knight may have set up one spin-off project already. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Hawke may be the first individual to officially suggest that Moon Knight could spawn a small-scale supernatural universe as part of Marvel’s Phase 4 plans. However, some fans will already know that one such Moon Knight spin-off is already in the works.

According to multiple outlets, including The Wrap and The Cosmic Circus, Marvel Studios is developing a Disney Plus Halloween special, which is based on its Werewolf by Night property. The one-off special, which is reportedly being directed by The Batman and Spider-Man: No Way Home composer Michael Giacchino, is tied to Moon Knight.

Well, in the comics at least. The duo clashed in Moon Knight’s first comic book appearance in August 1975 so, putting two and two together, Moon Knight’s live-action debut could sow the seeds for Werewolf’s MCU arrival. Gael García Bernal has reportedly been cast as the titular lycan (per The Wrap), with production rumored to be underway ahead of an October 2022 release on Disney Plus.

That project, then, seems to be moving forward – but what other MCU projects could Moon Knight be leading towards?

Steven Grant looks shocked as he holds a pistol in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight TV show

Will Steven Grant’s alter-ego team up with other supernatural heroes? (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

One of the more obvious ones is a Midnight Sons movie. In the comics, this superhero group specifically tackles supernatural threats, which is a corner of the MCU that Moon Knight’s TV show is very much set in. Marc Spector/Steven Grant’s superpowered alias has been part of the Midnight Sons’ roster, as have the likes of Doctor Strange and Blade. The latter of those is getting his own standalone movie sometime in 2023, while the MCU’s version of Doctor Strange could certainly be of use to the team following his multiverse exploits in May 2022. Add in Kit Harington’s Black Knight from Eternals, and you’ve already got the makings of a top-tier Midnight Sons line up.

And what about a live-action version of Marvel Knights? This unnamed superhero group has comprised characters such as Moon Knight, Daredevil, and Shang-Chi in the past. The last of that number is already established in the MCU, while the Man Without Fear is said to be getting his own Disney Plus show (per Production Weekly) following his cameo role in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Daredevil’s supposed reboot is coming off the heels of Daredevil’s Netflix series – and other Netflix Marvel shows – migrating to Disney Plus on March 16. None of those TV series are available to stream in 4K yet but, much like a potential Daredevil/Moon Knight team up, watch this space.

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