Google Photos makes it easier to import and organize your pics

Google Photos makes it easier to import and organize your pics

Over the next few weeks, Google is rolling out new features for the Photos app that could make the daunting task of organizing shots you’ve taken over the years feel more achievable. To start with, the tech giant is updating the app’s layout so that you can display groups of photos as a grid or a list that you can filter by type, namely albums, shared albums, favorites and on-device folders. Then, at the bottom menu, you’ll find a new “import photos” section that will help you transfer photos from other services, such as Facebook and iCloud. 

The new feature will also make easier to copy files from a camera, as well as to digitize old images and videos. Plus, it has a function to help you scan physical images with your phone. If you’re on Android, you’ll find more defined sections marked as partner sharing, shared albums and conversations under the sharing tab starting this week, as well. The sections will make their way to the iOS app in the near future.

Another update that could make organizing your images much more doable is the option to exclude your own device folder from backups. If you have a Pixel or another Android device that saves screenshots in that folder, that means you don’t have to wade through snapshots of random things you found online or of bank and other payment transactions. 

Google will soon add a shortcut for screenshots at the top of the main photo grid to take you right to them in case you choose not to back up your device folder. And soon, you’ll also see a carousel of contextual suggestions to copy text, crop and search using Google Lens whenever you view a screenshot. 

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