The Best Websites for How-To Guide

The Best Websites for How-To Guide
The Best Websites for How-To Guide

We always look for some help with everyday activities. There are many websites where you can find how-to guides and DIY ideas for our daily problems. Here are some of the best known for how-to guide and DIY ideas for you to bookmark.

Let’s explore some of the best websites for reliable and trustworthy information for our everyday activities and tasks. There might be numerous websites on the internet but we have selected the best ones for you.

1. wikiHow

best how-to websites

wikiHow is one of the most trusted how-to site on the internet. This website covers wide range to topics. It is a collaborative platform based on wiki where anyone can submit the how-to article and others can update. This helps the articles in this website more accurate and trustworthy. This has more than 80M monthly visits. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

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2. How-To-Geek

How-To-Geek is one of the best places to find the technology how-to guides. How-To Geek helps you with experts to explain technology. It was launched in 2006, and read by more than 1 billion times. According to SimilarWeb’s statistics, the How-To-Geek has more than 19M monthly views.

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3. Instructables

Best how-to websites

Instructables offers how-to guides on categories including circuits, workshop, craft, cooking, living, outside, and teachers. You can find many projects within the website. If you have some plans visit the site and you may find the matching project for you – choose one and get started. Instructables has more than 12M monthly visits according to SimilarWeb.

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4. Make Use Of

As the tech enthusiasts MUO also brings best how-to ideas on Arduino, recycling, electronic, Raspberry Pi including DIY ideas and project tutorials. If you need to know how to do in technology topics, MUO could be one of the platforms. They publish how-to articles on various tech topics.

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5. eHow

eHow is a website for almost every DIY things. The topics include from cooking, gardening to crafting. Check out the website for innovative DIY ideas. They work with the creators on the DIY space to bring fresh ideas to help you learn.

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Additional list of useful How-To Websites

We know there are hundreds of websites of this kind. This is to help you find some of the best ones. Explore more learn more…

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