Samsung’s new OLED TV is cheaper than it was yesterday, weirdly

Earlier this week we learned that Samsung is launching a new OLED TV – its first in a decade – but since then Samsung has been reaching out to publications about the price.

Turns out the Samsung OLED TV is actually cheaper than we were first told and will be available “in the first half of 2022” which is slightly more specific than the broad 2022 release window we had before. 

In an update to the press release distributed by Samsung, the company says that its S95B OLED TV will instead cost $2,199.99 ($200 less than before) for the 55-inch version and $2,999.99 ($500 less than before) for the 65-inch model.

We’ve yet to hear pricing for other territories including the UK and Australia, but based on current conversion rates you’d be looking at around £1,670 / AU$2,980 for the 55-inch model, and £2,275 / AU$4,040 for the 65-inch TV.

Analysis: A better price, but still not as cheap as LG’s most-popular OLED 

As we pointed out in our earlier news piece, Samsung’s OLED TV is still a fair bit more expensive than LG’s current OLED models: The LG C1 OLED, for example, can be found for $1,245 for the 55-inch model on Amazon, while the 65-inch model can be found for $1,999 on Best Buy.

Samsung’s new TVs are using QD-OLED panels, of course, instead of last year’s traditional OLED panels from LG Display – and that’s what we expect is adding to the cost of the TVs. 

Samsung, however, has told us to expect some serious improvements and claims that its OLED will go “well beyond what has been available from OLED TVs to date” by offering more accurate colors across a wider gamut.

Samsung’s also made the claim recently that its TVs will be able to reach between 0.0005 nits to 1,500 nits of brightness – something that was previously impossible for even the best OLED TVs to achieve. 

How those claims stand up in our own homes remains to be seen – but we’ll be excited to get our hands on one when it arrives in the next few months. 

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