Netflix thought now would be a good time to resurface Zelenskyy’s sitcom

Before he gained widespread acclaim for his leadership of Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a famous actor and comedian. He starred in a satirical comedy series called Servant of the People, which is now once again available to view on Netflix in the US.

Zelenskyy played a teacher who is unexpectedly elected president of Ukraine after a video of him ranting about government corruption goes viral. As The New York Times notes, the series, which ran from 2015 to 2019, proved successful in Russia as well as Ukraine. The show has previously been on Netflix in the US, and the service suggested it was bringing Servant of the People back by popular demand.

It’s not surprising that subscribers are interested in watching the show that helped propel Zelenskyy to the presidency. It’ll be interesting to see if Netflix shares viewership figures in the coming weeks. 

Still, Netflix is touting the return of the show amid a conflict in Ukraine in which thousands of people have been killed. The number of refugees who have fled the country is in the millions, according to the United Nations.

Netflix is one of many companies that have cut ties with Russia over the last few weeks. Its streaming platform is no longer available there. It reportedly suspended production and content acquisitions in the country too.

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