IT Governance and Management Challenges

IT Governance and Challenges
IT Governance and Challenges

This article includes a brief introduction to IT Governance and its management challenges based on the below mentioned reference readings.

IT Governance

IT governance is an element of corporate governance of organizations. It is generally aimed at improving the overall management of IT and deriving improved value from the investments. It is a process or the framework where all important decisions related to IT are closely monitored and the possible risks in the management process are properly mitigated.

IT governance frameworks enable organizations to manage their IT risks effectively and ensure that the activities associated with information and technology are aligned with their overall business objectives. The IT governance is important for management to ensure that the business objectives are achieved by delivering IT solutions of the right quality, on time and on budget with increased efficiency and productivity.

Management Challenges of IT Governance

As with the enterprise governance, IT governance also faces many management challenges. Some major challenges include the following:

Managing the Resources: Resource management is one of the focused area of IT governance. Optimum use of available resources to maximize the productivity is one of the challenges of IT governance. Effective planning is essential for the management. Resources for IT Governance is critical and the management must understand the related values, standards and regulations. As these regulations may vary for each objective, proper management of resources is challenging. Every projects requires IT support throughout the process and management are expected to manage such resources.

Responsibility and Accountability: To overcome the challenges, different people are responsible in organizations. Managing the issues related to IT governance is challenging. Management must include proper people to take such responsibility and accountability and must ensure IT measures are applied and applicable rules and regulations are followed.

Risk Management: During the execution of any projects, there are many risks involved. IT has its own risks including privacy and security. Management must ensure that possible risks are minimized. All the protocols and necessary frameworks should be followed. Management must ensure that all applicable security measures should be applied in the projects to track the errors and help mitigate the risks induced by the technology.


IT governance is an integral part of enterprise governance which consists of leadership, organizational structures and processes. Enterprise governance must consider IT governance as a core component to ensure the alignment of the projects and activities towards the enterprise goals. It is essential to effectively address the issues induced by the information technology for organizations sustainability.