iPhone SE (2022) colors: every shade explained

iPhone SE (2022) colors: every shade explained
iPhone SE (2022) colors: every shade explained

The iPhone SE got a much-anticipated new iteration at Apple’s Peek Performance event, and even though it’s not too much of a redesign it’s now an even more appealing phone for the prospective iPhone buyer on a budget.

Offering a retro iPhone design, replete with a home button and single rear-facing camera, the iPhone SE (2022) is ideal for buyers who want lots of processing power and 5G in a small form factor with a price that’s not too high.

There aren’t as many iPhone SE (2022) color options as there are for the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, with just three to choose from, but a good iPhone SE 3 case will cover up your thoughtfully-chosen shade of choice anyway.

If you want a colorful new Apple gadget, maybe you should check out the iPad Air (2022). There are a few more iPad Air colors to choose from, some of which match the iPhone and some of which don’t.

The iPhone SE (2022) comes in Midnight, Starlight, and Product RED, and we’ve put our design critic hat on to analyze each one.


(Image credit: Apple)

While the product images at the Apple Store (and arguably the name), suggest that the iPhone SE (2022) in Midnight is black, it’s actually a very dark navy blue – think of it as somewhere between the iPhone 13’s Midnight and the Blue version of that phone.

If you want a black iPhone SE (2022) this is the closest you’ll get, with the black front (this is the same for all three color options) complementing the rear.


An iPhone SE (2022) in Starlight

(Image credit: Apple)

If Midnight is Apple’s terminology for ‘close to black’, then Starlight is essentially ‘close to white’. There’s a hint of cream about the back panel, and while that means it’s not the stark white you may be expecting, it’s very easy on the eyes. Again, the home button, ‘chin’ and bezel remain black.


An iPhone SE (2022) in red

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple’s classic Product Red colorway continues with the iPhone SE (2022), with every phone sold in this color helping to combat Covid-19 across the globe.

In terms of the specific shade of red, the matte finish means it’s a little less reflective than the red of the iPhone 13, which makes it appear darker. You also get a nice contrast with the black front of the phone.

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