Free web hosting

Free web hosting
Free web hosting

Finally, you are here. You have a fantastic plan to create and run your website. Beside a great design and content, all website require a web hosting plan. If you are looking for some free web hosting offers to try out before you really purchase a suitable plan, you might have many questions rumbling in your head. Here in this Q&A we will explore free web hosting questions and answers.

Q: Is it really possible to get a completely free web hosting?
A: Yes, many companies offer free web hosting services. You just need to find out and select one for you.

Q: What does a free web hosting offers in general?
A: In general, all free web hosting services offer you limited resources for a website to run.

Q: What are the limitations in free web hosting?
A: It depends upon the service provider. Generally, limitations include the low storage, low bandwidth, unavailability of CGI scripts, FTP access, low database queries, upload size, email accounts and so on.

Q: Do the free web hosting plans contains ads?
A: Not all, but many service providers redirect to the pages with their branding when content is not found on your site or your site reaches the threshold.

Q: What is the difference between free blogging platform and free web hosting?
A: Branding, on the free blogging platforms like WordPress and blogger, you have the subdomain under the platform main domain. With web hosting, you run your own brand name.

Q: Why is free web hosting not suitable for websites with large number of visitors?
A: All free web hosting services come with limited features in terms of storage, bandwidth and database size. With large number of visitors, the threshold on above features are surpassed pretty quickly and the service will be down until the thresholds are reset, basically on monthly basis.

Q: What are the free web hosting service providers?
A: The list would be long, here are some links to explore further, click here or here

Final thoughts

Free web hosting are good for testing and hosting small personal websites. If you really think big like monetizing your website with large number of visitors, go for some paid hosting. We hope this free web hosting questions and answers helped you in some ways.