Dyson’s latest Airwrap can curl your hair in both directions

Dyson’s hairstyling gadgets have been among some of the most popular around, and one of the most intriguing is the Airwrap. It’s a curler that can double as a straightener, and you may even have seen one of the mesmerizing GIFs where strands of hair attach themselves to the rod, as if by magic. The Airwrap Complete, which came with all six attachments, as well as cases and accessories, cost $550. Today, Dyson announced that a new version is coming this summer. It’ll work faster and come with a slew of new attachments to make styling your hair easier. 

As a refresher, the Airwrap uses a high-pressure motor to power the “Coandă effect,” which gently pulls hair (and air) towards its surface. Dyson said that since launching the original Airwrap in 2018, its engineers challenged themselves to “miniaturize and multiply the Coandă effect” to make the device more versatile. 

In addition to the performance improvements, the company also designed new attachments, and the most intriguing one, especially for those familiar with the previous Airwrap, are new styling barrels that can curl hair clockwise and anti-clockwise. Before, you would have had to check the arrows on the barrel to make sure you have the right direction set up, and if you wanted to change it up mid-style, you’d need to switch out the attachments. With the new attachment, you’d just have to toggle a switch at the top of the rotating cool tip.

The barrels come in 30mm, 40mm, 30mm long, 40mm long and 20mm long for various curl sizes. There’s also a new smoothing dryer that, as its name suggests, can both smooth and dry your hair. Dyson also added firm and soft brush attachments, available in large and small, for those who prefer a straight finish. 

Importantly, Dyson said owners of existing Airwraps can “upgrade to these latest attachments, whilst retaining the original machine.” And like the previous version, the new Airwrap can also work on damp hair (that’s 80 percent dry) and can style your locks without extreme heat.

While pricing is not available at the moment, Dyson’s products tend to cost around $500. Like I said, the previous Airwrap with all its attachments cost $549, while the Corrale straightener will set you back $500. The Supersonic hairdryer, meanwhile, is $400. Still, though the company’s hairstyling gadgets have been more expensive than most, they’ve also generally been well-received and can last a long time. 

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