DeFi and the Future of Programmable goes online this week — register today!

Buckle up degens, diamond hands, whales, lobsters, apes and crypto-curious creatures of every genus. The DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money online summit kicks off this week on March 30.

Decentralized finance is going mainstream, and we invite you to join the top crypto leaders, engineers, investors and regulators and come along for the ride. We’re not kidding when we say this is your opportunity to hear from and engage with the biggest names in alternative finance.

Pro Tip: Attending DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money is free, but you must register to reserve your spot. The summit is in partnership with Sommelier Finance — a leading crypto project created to automate decentralized finance trading — co-founded by Zaki Manian.

Hold up, let’s get back to those big names.

It all starts with understanding Why DeFi is the future of finance. This panel features Zaki Manian (Sommelier), along with Adam Goldberg (Standard Crypo) and Sunny Aggarwal (Osmosis). These industry leaders will detail how DeFi differentiates from — and builds on — current centralized financial systems. Find out what’s coming next and what it means for the future of finance.

Enjoy even more interactive discussions with folks like Michael Egorov the founder and CEO of Curve Financial — the King Kong of the crypto-verse. Don’t miss What is the state of DeFi today and why it is thriving.

Egorov joins Andre Cronje (Fantom Protocol) Taariq Lewis (Volume) and notorious lobster-fan and shit-poster, Ivangbi to discuss what’s driving DeFi’s thriving ecosystem, which projects to follow and where the next wave of growth will originate.

You want more high-powered people? We’re going all-in with SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce — a.k.a, “Crypto Mom.” Mainstream may equal regulations, but Peirce is a fierce advocate for nuance and appropriate rules that encourage, rather than quash, innovation.

Tune in to DeFi and Regulations: Regulation of DeFi is here (ish) as Peirce joins Kristin Smith (The Blockchain Association), Miller Whitehouse Levine (DeFi Education Fund) and Zaki Manian (Sommelier) to discuss how regulators can engage with the ecosystem productively and what DeFi projects can do to help bring regulators to the table.

DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money takes place in just two days on March 30. Stop procrastinating, kick FOMO to the curb and avoid the morning-after FML pity party. Register here for this free summit today!

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