Where To Take Free Online Courses

Where To Take Free Online Courses

Are you looking for free online courses to start learning, we have brought you the top free online learning platforms with thousands of topics offered by world-class universities and institutions.

Online courses are a great way of enhancing our knowledge. With flexible schedule, lower cost, comfortable environment, pace control, remote access and wide range of subjects, online learning is getting popular. Find some of the best platforms here to start learning online on your preferred topic.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is free online learning platform for pre-school to high school students. Additionally, it provides number of courses on computing, arts & Humanities, economics and life skills. You can find test preparation courses for SAT, LSAT and more. Visit Site

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT openCourseWare provides online learning environment with full control on video lectures with transcript, course materials, lecture notes, exam and all required tools. It also allows you to download the entire course package for offline learning. The courses offered are real university courses which you can learn for free. Visit Site


FutureLearn is another online learning platform with more than 2500 free courses on wide range of subjects. With free registration, you can audit the courses with lots of learning opportunity by world-class universities. You can upgrade to unlock all features with printed and digital certificate and buy unlimited plan to unlock all features with digital certificate. Visit Site


Udemy also offers a great deals of free online courses which you can take to learn the topics of your choice. The courses on various topics are offered for beginners to experts. Many free courses come with selected features such as subtitles, quizzes, exercises and practice tests. Generally Udemy is a for-profit learning platform, free courses are worth trying before going for paid courses. Visit Site


Like others, Edx offers thousands of free online courses on various topics. The courses are offered by more than 160 renowned universities and institutions which you can learn at your own pace. It also offers paid upgrade plans to get verified certificate. Subjects include Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Healthcare, Communication, Data analysis, Engineering, Design, Economy, Law, Literature and many more. With paid plans, it also offers various degrees and programs including Bachelor’s, Master’s and professional certificates. Visit Site


Coursera offers thousands of free online courses on varying topics including Health Sciences, Health, Business, Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Computer Science and IT, Personal Development, Data Science and more. The courses are offered in multiple language and suited for various level of learners. The courses at coursera are offered by renowned universities and institutions. You can enroll to desired course and learn at your own pace. Further, with paid plans, you can earn a verified certificate and even earn a degree in your preferred subject. Visit Site

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