Bandipur – A heavenly Place

Nepal is really, really beautiful. Do you agree? If you haven’t been to Nepal yet, you may think… may be… or may not be. If you have been to Nepal ever, you definitely agree. Even if you don’t, I will make you agree through this post. As I am Nepalese, I think Nepal is the most beautiful country – though I haven’t been out of Nepal yet.

Bandipur Village

It was first week of May 2011, I was told that have to go to Bandipur for a programme. I have never been there before – I have heard a lot about it and my dream was to be there somehow. I was very happy to hear that. The journey began early in the morning and we travelled to the western region of Nepal. What a coincident, 4 of us were travelling and first time to Bandipur for all. Everyone has own expectations and so do I. At first I thought there is no such special about it. Even after reaching the main part of Bandipur, I couldn’t find anything that I used to hear.

Then I turned my head all around the area and realize that all the things I heard are real. I started feeling the real beauty of Mother Nature. The place was on top of the hill, the view was awesome. It was so peaceful there, the bazaar was so clean. So I was in love with the place.

The evenings there are generally cold and windy there on this time of year. And the climate changes so quickly as well. When we reached there, it was a sunny day so we were walking to the bazaar. But eventually, the wind starting blowing got darker and started raining. Then we had to run for the search of some shelter. That was a pretty awesome and funny moment.

Bandipur Bazaar

When rain stopped, wow! The view, I don’t have words to explain it.

The other morning, I kept staring the clouds embrace the hills slowly and was busy capturing he moments.

It was a two days stay. I wish I could stay longer.